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Save Your Customers Money with HVAC Upgrades

Each one of your customers would prefer to save money when heating their home in the winter and to cool it in the summer. Our supply of wholesale HVAC in Columbus OH can provide you with all the parts you require at the best prices to help your customers improve their HVAC system to lower their utility bills.

HVAC Systems Do Not Have to Be Expensive to Run

Almost all your customers will ask you how they can save money when they’re using their HVAC system. They realize that their HVAC system represents one of the most expensive bills for their home.

Short of a full furnace and A/C replacement with high efficiency appliances, some tune ups to the existing units will go a long wat to improving their performance. Replacing old parts, sealing leaks and general preventative maintenance can add up to big increases in efficiency. Don’t forget to show your customers where they can improve the insulation in their property so that heat transfer is slowed and inside temperatures can be more easily maintained.

No doubt you have already explained that turning down the temperature gauge by one or two degrees for heating (and conversely, up for cooling) will help improve and reduce their utility bill considerably. A programmable thermostat is a great way to manage temperatures and make sure that HVAC systems are only running when they’re needed.

With access to Carr Supply’s wholesale HVAC warehouse in Columbus OH, you will be able to choose the relevant parts that will help upgrade their system.

Because you have access to a wide variety of parts you will be able to ensure that your customers can have their broken or outdated systems repaired and working as new in a short period.

Carr can meet all your demands for wholesale HVAC parts in Columbus OH. We stock a substantial variety of furnace parts, parts for water heaters and all water heating supplies. Lean on our 100 years of experience to help you complete your next project.