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Browse our Showroom for All Types of Kitchen Sinks

When looking for a kitchen sink, there are plenty of options to choose from.  For home and businesses owners, the possibilities are endless.


Finding kitchen sinks for sale in Columbus, OH is easy.  However, you do not want to purchase a cheap sink from just anywhere.  The professional staff at Carr Supply can help you find the perfect sink to meet your needs and budget.


Some research should be done before buying a sink.  Measure the opening for the sink basin to know what size is required.  If you are changing sink styles, measure for the new style.  If you are just replacing a sink without replacing the cabinetry, then accurate measurements are required.


Next, decide on your sink material.  Decide if you want stainless steel, composite granite, natural stone, fire clay, copper, or something else!  Each of these will determine cost, functionality, and aesthetics of the sink and room.


The most common type of sink is a simple drop-in sink.  This sink is a top-mount and installs above the counter.  A hole is cut in the countertop material, and the sink drops in from above and then caulked. Undermount sinks are sinks that attach to the underside of the countertop with clips.


Sinks can have either a double or single basin.  The double basin sink is a popular arrangement that allows for washing and rinsing on either side. Single basin sinks are usually bigger than a double basin sink.


Kitchen sinks can be a key element in your kitchen design.  Anything from the practical to a luxurious sink can add to the aesthetics of the room.


Carr Supply's inventory of kitchen sinks for sale in Columbus, OH can provide you with the sink you need with the best price. Visit Carr Supply today and browse their large catalog of kitchen sinks.